Véraison in the vines

Posted by Jane Leckie. Filed under Vineyard

Welcome to the New Year and a new season at She-Oak Hill. Warm, sometimes very warm, sunny days and a strong breezes have kept the vines tracking along towards ripeness. This time of the season is called veraison by the French. The fruit is changing  colour and the vines are drawing on their reserves of starch to fill the bunches with flavor and sugars. We watch carefully for signs of stress in the vines and thin the bunches where we see this occurring. We are also brush cutting the weeds away from under the vines where they compete for valuable ground moisture and will get in the way of the pickers!  As the fruit ripens we need to be vigilant with unwanted visitors – the wattle birds are showing some interest at the moment so repairs are underway on our ‘hawks’, a quiet and harmless deterrent  to the pests. I have recently seen some geniune versions of these graceful birds gliding down from the hill but we cannot rely on that 24/7 so the kites, designed to look like eagles,  swoop from their spring loaded eyries and are usually quite effective. Here’s hoping! The crop looks excellent this year and we are not prepared to share it.



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