What’s not to love about Spring in the Vineyard?

Posted by Jane Leckie. Filed under Vineyard

Spring is a wonderful time in the vineyard, full of anticipation and promise. The vines literally ‘ spring’ to life after winter dormancy, growing  inches overnight it  seems. She-Oak Hill is alive with native birds and while the cockatoos have engaged in their typically destructive behavior we have generally managed to keep them out of the vines. The magpie families however are welcome guests.  Their endless sorties to gather meals for their increasingly raucous offspring helps keep the vines free of caterpillars, slugs and snails. The pardalote’s have settled happily into their new homes and the ladybirds are quietly going about the task of keeping small sucking insects to a minimum,  largely through their bright and threatening coloring. In my endless working through the vines I am on the lookout for lacewing lavae, another protective insect in the vines.



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