2017 Rosé

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For a short time only, until sold out, our limited stock of 2017 Rosé is available through our online store. With a delightful, pale, salmon colour, and sweet red fruits on the palette, this wine has a lovely dry finish, and is perfect for enjoying chilled as an aperitif, and to accompany the foods of warmer months.

This wine can be purchased through this link.




A View of the Vines

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For a view of the vines, click on this link.

Why not come and see for yourself? Come for a picnic and to share some wine.
Call Jane for inquiries.


Pearls in the Vineyard

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Pruning is a slow and arduous process. It presents the challenge of selecting the best two canes from the tangle offered by the vine. These canes must be wrapped securely to the wire, in order to stabilise the plant. This ensures that the vine safely bears to maturity, the increasing canopy and developing fruit. Sometimes the weather is benign, the sun shines, the breeze is gentle and curious robins keep us entertained with their antics on the wire. But other times, it is freezing and damp. The wind blasts and fingers are bitterly cold. We look forward to September.


Vintage 2017

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What a difference a year  makes. The 2016 vintage was  done, dusted and in the  winery by the 17th of  February.

All  the fruit which survived  the  rigorous fruit thinning  program we carried out to  preserve the remaining crop  from the heat and relentless  drought was picked in one day,  Chardonnay & Shiraz both ready at the same time.

There was a widely held belief amongst vintners that you would need to move to Tasmania with its cooler climate if you wanted to remain in the industry.

This year, after plentiful winter rains, the She-Oak Hill vines are taking their time edging  slowly towards the ripeness and sugar levels we are asking of them. Warm, sunny days, clear skies and cool nights are encouraging the fruit to take its time to achieve full flavour and we are sitting around, planning morning teas, yelling at birds and writing posts! while we wait for the much anticipated action to begin.

Buckets, snips, tractor, bins and a winery full of new oak barrels all wait patiently for a start date. It only needs those damned birds to stay away from the fruit.