Patience & Anticipation

Posted by Jane Leckie. Filed under Vineyard

Growing fruit for premium wine is all about patience and anticipation. Over the growing season, from early September until late March, we must anticipate the risks to fruit from the weather, from disease and from pests in the vineyard. Frosts, strong winds and excessive rain have the potential to be just as damaging as long dry spells and excessive heat.

With predictions of a hot dry summer it was important to anticipate the crop load the vines would be able to bring to maturity without stress. During December many hours were spent going through each individual vine, counting the bunches per shoot, checking the length of the shoots and fastidiously reducing the crop to one bunch per shoot.

Now, a week out from harvest, we are patiently awaiting the excitement of picking. The vines are looking good and the fruit has amazing flavor. Six months of dedicated effort is looking like it will result in a special wine which we look forward to sharing with you.



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