The Sounds of Harvest

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I love the sounds which accompany harvest – the rumbling vehicles of the pickers arriving pre dawn to begin the day’s work,  the warning signal of the tractor as it moves ahead of the team with bins ready to accept the ripe and sticky fruit, the rhythmic snip as bunches are culled from the vines and  the intermittent calls of  ’bucket!’ indicating another 15 kls of fruit is ready for collection.

Most especially I love the sound and tone of friendly chat among the vines. People who may not see each other from one harvest to the next exchange news of their  family, holidays and health. They chat about hobbies and interests – last week it was quilting and the restoration of vintage motor bikes that seemed predominant. They congratulate us on the quality of the fruit and of course I am particularly pleased by this but Julian says they probably say that to all the fruit producers they work with!  While our team of local pickers, many of whom have worked among our vines for many years, all know each other they warmly and quickly welcome new comers and draw them into the conversations. The buzz of the gossip continues throughout the morning but becomes quieter as the day progresses and the focus concentrates on completing the days pick. While harvest is a busy and exciting time for us it is the friendships that are formed and the sharing of chat that makes it most meaningful.

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  1. Tony Juhanson

    The saying, ‘… heard it on the grapevine …’ is never more true than when picking at She-Oak Hill. You learn about everyone’s histories, future hopes, plans and projects as well as a bit about what’s happening around town. As relative newcomers to the area we have found it a wonderful way to get to know people. This has been borne out by the number of greetings and waves we get in town from some of our fellow pickers, although sometimes it hard to recognise them when they’re out of work clothes.



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